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Empower Kenyan Women for a Brighter Future


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Imagine a world where women are given the tools to succeed, uplift their communities, and secure a better future for themselves and their families. The Pangea Network is turning this vision into a reality by introducing groups of women to a comprehensive and proven 4-year program that paves the way for success.

Our Program Covers:

Health & Wellness: Ensuring physical and mental well-being.

Financial Literacy: Empowering informed financial decisions.

Personal Development: Building confidence, resilience, and leadership.

Basic Bookkeeping: Equipping financial management skills.

Basic Business Skills: Fostering entrepreneurship.

Human Rights: Advocating for equality and dignity.

Micro-Financing: Providing vital funds for businesses.

5 days of training

Provide nearly five days of education and training for one woman

About The Pangea Network

The Pangea Network is an international non-profit dedicated to empowering motivated individuals in Kenya and the United States with the knowledge, skills and an ongoing network of support in order to achieve their dreams and make positive, life-changing contributions in the communities where they live.


Women & youth are the most under-used agent for change. Invest in them by donating today!

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Causes Supported

Society and Communities
Children and Youth Development
Schools and Education
Human Services