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Hello Team Thin

Hello Team ThinkGive! Thank you for joining our social platform for collaboration and teamwork. Please introduce yourself with a photo and why you are participating in the Rodman Ride for Kids for ThinkGive.


About ThinkGive Inc

ThinkGive's mission is to inspire young people to use kindness to engage with their world. We empower young people to realize the depth of their ability to positively impact their own lives and the lives of others by engaging in a hands-on, reflective, and collaborative journey around simple acts of giving. ThinkGive promotes the development of empathy, tolerance, gratitude, and understanding. Students think about their role in the world and in their communities, and become empowered to affect others.


Please help us teach young people about empathy, tolerance, and the power of kindness.

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26 Elm Street, Concord

MA, United States, 01742

Causes Supported

Mental Health
Children and Youth Development
Schools and Education