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About NGO :

Gyanadhara Foundation, is Non profit org, with Mission to help Regain pride for FARMERS, by collaborated solutions through nurturing of Humanity and Industry in harmony with Nature.

We need help to Build WEBSITE, to present the basic mission, team behind, projects, activities , for helping Farmers sustainable development and Dignity of Life.

Background About the Impact :

Farmers are backbone and foundation of society, they provide all basic resources for our life, and we agree that supreme source has blessed us with several gifts and given ability to help our brotherhoods. We very much recognize that Farmers are the ones who toils in all weathers, but they go through extreme ups and downs the most and are in extremely critical situation and need intervention from society, because of their dependence on rain, weather, monsoons, markets and are not in a position to handle or sustain themselves.

We invite you for a journey to give a helping hand in your own possible ways, to support, educate our village brotherhoods who are our pillars of our life. It will be a win-win situation for ALL.


Looking for volunteers with skills to develop BASIC website for our NGO, for highlighting Vision, mission and activities

This PROJECT also like, to have ability to add contents to the website, once it is built.

We are looking for volunteers with skills like UI/UX, Front end development and backend development.

Website will be built online, and we will collaborate with volunteer online and we will have periodic meetings, based on availability.

Also need help , in which Domain and how to Buy.

Design LOGO , for our NGO, which will help in standardization and appeal.



(4 volunteers required)

On demand googlemeet, or whatsapp - TBD

Jan 10 - Dec 30



About Gyanadhara Foundation trust

To regain pride of farmers through nurturing of Humanity and Industry in harmony with Nature


Regain Pride of Farmers

Tax Id


Gyanadhara Foundation Trust, 004A, Aishwarya AGATE apt, 13th cross Sarakki, JP Nagar, I phase, , Bangalore

Karnataka, India, 560078

Causes Supported

Food Security
Society and Communities
Schools and Education